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Provides GreenSock transition functionality to vue.js components.

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Demo
  3. Usage
  4. Building
  5. Authors
  6. Contribute
  7. License


yarn / npm

yarn add vue-transition-component
npm i -S vue-transition-component


I've created a demo repository that contains the setup for the latest vue-skeleton (v0.8.1) with the vue-transition-component (v1.1.17) installed. You can inspect the code there or if you just want to preview the block system you can visit the demo online!

Demo repository

Online demo


Detailed documentation and examples are located in the wiki!

Check the wiki!


In order to build vue-transition-component, ensure that you have Git and Node.js installed.

Clone a copy of the repo:

git clone https://github.com/larsvanbraam/vue-transition-component.git

Change to the vue-transition directory:

cd vue-transition-component

Install dev dependencies:


Use one of the following main scripts:

yarn build           # build this project
yarn dev             # run dev-watch mode, serving example/index.html in the browser
yarn generate        # generate all artifacts (compiles ts, webpack, docs and coverage)
yarn test:unit       # run the unit tests
yarn validate        # runs validation scripts, including test, lint and coverage check
yarn lint            # run tslint on this project
yarn doc             # generate typedoc documentation

When installing this module, it adds a pre-push hook, that runs the validate script before committing, so you can be sure that everything checks out.

If you want to create the distribution files yourself, you can run the build-dist script, and the following files will get generated in the dist folder:

  • /dist/vue-transition-component.js: bundled with webpack, can be loaded from a script tag, available as window.SengScrollTracker
  • /dist/vue-transition-component.min.js: same as above, but minified
  • /dist/vue-transition-component-amd.js: bundled with webpack, can be used with e.g. requirejs
  • /dist/vue-transition-component-commonjs.js: bundled with webpack, can be used in systems that support commonjs, but you should just use npm
  • /dist/vue-transition-component-umd.js: bundled with webpack, works in the browser, with requirejs, and in a commonjs system
  • /dist/vue-transition-component-umd.min.js: same as above, but minified
  • /dist/vue-transition-component-system.js: bundled with typescript, can be used in systems that support systemjs
  • /dist/vue-transition-component-es6.zip: transpiled with typescript, only types are removed from the source files






MIT © Lars van Braam

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